NaNoWriMo 2011 – Character development

Ok.  First blog entry.

I am planning on writing a novel during the month of November this year.  I have taken a week off of work to go hunting in the wilds of Nova Scotia with my Father, visit with my mother and her mother, and write.

This is my second novel  – the first needs reconstructive surgery, but scared the hell out of some of my friends and I think it had legs.

The working title for the November novel is Loop Vacation.  I am currently refining characters.  There are only four characters in the Novel.  In doing character development, I write down a complete description of the individual.  Even more that might come out int the book:

As a bit of cheap preview, here are my notes on the male lead in Loop Vacation:

The husband – 32 years old. Smart, head over heals in love with his wife Beth. Beer drinker, but not the type with a beer gut. Works out, plays softball in a league. Five foot 9. Muscular. Major in the US marines. XO for 3rd Light Armored Recon Battalion, currently deployed in Iraq. He is home on a 6 week leave. Very smart. Has seen battle, but is ok. Solid guy. Swims and runs for exercise. Tries very hard, and mostly succeeds in not being a soldier when he is home.

And my desciption of Eva, the dark tattoo artist

The tattoo artist. 38 year old. Sensual. Is intently an artist. Will not tattoo someone who is drunk. Dark straight shoulder length hair. 140 pounds. 5 foot 10. Lots of fun, but there is an under current of sadness in her eyes. Her clients tend to talk a lot to her. She dates but has no one regular. From a small town, in a bad fire. Could not save a little girl. Burnt right hand, never had reconstructive surgery. Is right handed. So the beautiful tattoos come a deformed hand. Unusually, does not have many tattoos.

I do this so the characters become real to me.  I can say “Would Mark do this?  Or would he duck and run?”  This helps make the implementation of the plot more honest.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2011 – Character development

  1. Sounds like this one has legs, too. I personally like to have a bit more back story for my characters, and often play a sort of situational “what if” game to firm up my ideas about what they would do in various situations.

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