#nanowrimo addiction

OK.  Here is the problem.  I am a husband (not the problem), a father of four (not usually a problem), a s/w architect (totally problem driven, but that is the way my job works) and a budding author.  All time consuming activities.

The real problem is laptops. I have a real job and a second, paying part time job.   I have a laptop given to me by my main full time paying employer for that job. I have a different laptop for some part time work I do for a company in Canada.  I use the same laptop for writing.  These are the only two purposes for the laptop.  So every time I sit down to do some work for my second part time job – that pays:  did I mention that? – I usually decide to go over my novel plot, or add some detail to my character definition or add some subtle nuances to the description of the international airport in Cairo.  All of this in support of my #nanowrimo efforts.  And not for my paying job.

The current deliverable for the company in Canada is due October 31.  Intentionally freeing up that time for writing in November.  I just need to get that work done.

That’s the problem.

So now I am going to get right to it.  I have to get right to it. On this laptop.

As soon as I figure out the science – or more likely some plausible description of the science – that forms the foundation of time travel.

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