NaNoWriMo 2011 – Location: a bar in Prague


What follows is my description of a location for my novel.  Two of the 16 chapters will be set in a bar in Prague.  Now I have never been to Prague (but my wife has – lucky!), so I made one up in my imagination.  Well, not entirely in my imagination.  it is influenced by a pub I spent an evening in in Limerick, Ireland.  I add enough detail to the description so that I have the place firmly planted in my mind.  i am pretty certain the width of the bar will not come out in the story, but as I write, hopefully have the picture in my head will contribute the continuity of the story.

300 years old – pub style, popular with a certain knowledgeable class of tourists. Blue collar. Skinny and deep. Like 15 feet wide and 40 50 feet deep. Its old, but modern. Plays 80s rock and roll in the back ground. Dark wood. Not popular with tourists. One of those places where only this in the “know” frequent. Lots of beer options – including Sam Adams!

What I am imagining is a place where some friends could meet and have a beer and some lunch and confidently discuss some illegal activities with some measure of privacy.


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