#nanowrimo – 2011 Excerpt #1


I know it is early in the game, but I thought I would provide an excerpt from the prologue to mi NaNoWrimo effort.  What follows is from the point of view of the scientist that finally really invented time travel – which is needed for the reset of the novel.

Argus looked at the crowd. He knew most of the people here were not really listening to him. They were, for the most part, looking at the machine beside the lectern that he had erected. Either that, or thinking about how to ignore the heat. It did not matter. He was about to change society forever. Every aspect of humanity was about to change for the better – medicine, travel, shopping, education – and the press was not paying attention. It really did not matter. The demonstration would be unequivocal. Time to hit them with the news. No point in building it up.

“In about 42 minutes, I will be demonstrating an exploitation of a singularity in point-time space. Ok – I had to say it that way. The scientist gild made me. Ha Ha. That machine down there, with the massive amount of power cables, and impressively raised platform, and copper looking rings is a time machine. And I will be using it today.” That had them. Argus was positively giddy.


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