#NaNoWriMo 2011 Excerpt number 2


Second excerpt the from my #NaNoWriMo novel.  The young time travelling couple have just met themselves in the past.  Drinking Tequila, getting a little drunk, hanging out with themselves.

Beth-the-younger said “Well, at least I know something about the future. Something concrete. I am getting a tattoo that says “World Tour 2014” and a picture of you and me.” A thoughtful pause. “You know, it is very weird that I am now planning on getting this tattoo based on on the fact that I already have it. Its almost like a closed loop of information. No inspiration for it originally.”


Beth-the-older took back about half of her drink and concurred “You are right. I got this a week ago from Eva and I already had the image of it in my mind from this discussion. The is wery, wery transcendental. I have Buddha guru that would be interested in this.“

Mark-the-younger quipped “Well, at least you did not decide to have my johnson tattooed on your arm. Ha Ha”

Both Beths looked at each other. “Lets do it. Lets get that instead of bon voyage.” Everyone looked at the older Beths ankle, but the tattoo was the same. Beth-the-younger quipped “Well, I would not have done that anyway.”

The pitcher of Margaritas was getting low when Mark-the -younger said “Well, Make it “World Tour 2014, North America, Africa, India, Europe. Put the places underneath the globe. Like, curved around the globe.”

This delighted both Beths “Lets really do it that way!!” And low and behold, the ankle tattoo was changed. Beth the younger squealed in delight. But Beth-the-older said “But that is exactly what I got – World tour 2014 with the continents we plan to visit!!”

And so it was that the first truth of time travel was demonstrated. Alas, the students were pickled on Tequila and not really paying attention.

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