Read an e-Book week at Smashwords

With more and more people buying their phones, DVDs, cables, shoes and even motorcycles online, it is almost un-noteworthy that we can now get our reading material from online vendors.  A typical ‘Well, of course you can’ moment.

But there is a bit difference in the ‘before online’ and ‘after online’ for publishing.  The availability of works has exploded.  Even that is not the biggest impact.  Maybe that was inevitable.

What is new, and dependent on the the online market place, is the independent author/publisher.  Yours truly falls into this category.  The upside to the reader, the consumer, is that there is no middle man deciding what is available to you, the consumer, based on what he, the middle man working at the large publishing company, can charge.  There are some gems out there that jus tnot would have been available to you even 5 years ago.

The down side is, there is probably some good ideas out there, that are poorly written and poorly edited, that might have gotten produce more professionally had they been shipped to a traditional publisher.

It will be up to the readers to decide what is worthy of an open wallet, and what is unmitigated crap that should never have been completed.

With that, I would invite everyone to read an eBook this week.  Smashwords, where my book is bravely up for sale, is having a week long sale. Please take a look at:

and if you are looking for a little gem, may I humbly suggest:  It is 50% for the week.  Use coupon code REW50.


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