Next Book

Ok – So I don’t have a working title yet.  But I just finished the plot definition, character outline and most of the location descriptions for the book.  This is a prequel to Loop Vacation  in that it introduces a younger, more intense Mark.  He helps his brother out of a pretty bad jam involving an infamous bad ass MC.  The story is set in Vancouver, BC for the most part.  Why Vancouver/ I lived there for many years and love the city.  When I was there, i wrote a short story closely related to what this book will be. I liked the idea of contracting the natural slendor of the city to the darkness of the criminal element.  That short story was set in Vancouver, and Richmond and New Westminster and (most ironically), Hope, BC.  I saw no real reason to move the story somewhere else.  The short story was no more than the middle three chapters of this book.

For the structure of the book, I have built it around my older brother’s description of how plots should be laid out. See .  Although I am clearly better looking and more fun than my older bro, he has published more books than me, and I respect his writing.  So I decided to use the outline he has described.  I thought it might feel a bit like writing to a formula.  But in fact, it does not.  It is more like organizing things a little better.  But the writing is still all mine, for good or bad.  The pinch points represent my characters.  In the second pinch point, for example, a really tough biker – tough as in a logger in BC by trade – is going to ride his Dyno to a small town in Idaho for the sole purpose of burning down the house of the parents of the protagonist.  Are they inside?  We will have to see.

This book, and one other, will join Loop Vacation in the ebook market before Christmas rolls round again.  With luck. So, I need to get work.  Time to write the hook.  In the next 4000 words or so that I write, Eric Multon, younger brother of the now famous Mark Multon, is going to witness a hit by a couple members of a motor cycle club, in Vancouver at night…

It was a dark and rainy night…..

Oh, and Loop Vacation is available from Amazon:




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