Car bombs, road trips and the pool

Sometimes I worry myself. I am pretty sure my lovely wife thinks I am a bit nuts. I don’t have the heart to tell her she right.  In the novel I am writing, the bad guys have to make a serious attempt on the life of the hero.  The attempt has to be credible.  The reader has to think “Oh shit.  That would work, too.”  I chose a car bomb in an urban setting.  So, how does one build a car bomb. I mean, you can’t just go down to your local hardare store and buy a car bomb (mentally, I see myself walking through Home Depot and then BANG!! from across the store.  Then some tinny voice from the ceiling intones ‘Clean up on isle 3b.  Clean up on isle 3b.’).  Yhe bad guys have to build one from scratch.  So I thought about it for a little while, and googled a little – there is no Big Brother here in the US of A.  He would have kicked in my door my now, I swear – and came up with a credible car bomb that can be constructed from parts costing less than $200.00 bucks, all of which are perfectly legal, and if you bought all the parts and put them in a shopping bag like you just left the Bomb-Parts-R-Us store, and someone looked into the bag, they would never guess the purpose behind the parts.  And it would work. I am not going to describe the process here.  You will have to wait until the book comes out.  I am currently thiinking it will be available early September 2012.  I am basing this on how fast Loop Vacation went.  I expect to be complete the first draft by the end of May.  So three months for re-writing, editing and publishing. Maybe.

In other news, I overheard my wife telling one of friends about a weekend motorcycle trip we are planning to take.  That was cool to hear.

And, since it truly spring here in Oregon, I am today setting up the pool.  Filters, and salt and heater and pressure gauges and a chlorine generator and 8800 gallons of water are in my immediate future.  But the kids will have fun.

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