Loop Vacation available to Amazon Prime members

My first novel, Loop Vacation, is now available to Amazon Prime members. They can (and should) borrow it at no charge. The thought long and hard about making the leap to KDP Select. There is an exclusivity clause and a minimum time commitment. In the end, I am hoping for more exposure as an author and I really want to get a little following. I am currently writing the prequel to Loop Vacation, where Mark Multon, the beat-up hero of LV, is introduced to the reader as he saves his younger brother from some bad bad dudes in Vancouver, BC.

Loop Vacation will be available in Kindle format free for download to everyone several times over the next couple of months. The first time it will be available for free is June 1. So please go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007GEYENM and buy, borrow or download a copy today.  and please pass this around.



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