First Draft of ‘Assassin : Rebuild’ completed

The first draft of Assassin : Rebuild is finished. it came it a little north of 72,000 words, which puts it about a third longer than Loop Vacation, if anyone is counting words. I know Scrivener is. Counting words that is,

I have some great ideas for a cover. Well, to be honest, the ideas came mostly from my wife, Eva, who shot the cover for Loop. she took almost 300 different pictures and then picked a handful for me to look at. I must say she is dedicated to her craft. The imagery for the covver for Assassin seems like it would be compelling, The problem is that it gives away the “who” in the question “who done it?” I am trying to decide if that matters to the reader. The good guys in the book, the two super cool detectives, complete with fast cars and skills at the grill, don’t know who the assassin is, so it might me ok. I’ll think about it.

Assassin : Rebuild should be an easier read that Loop.Vacation. It is hard to write coherently about time travel when an individual is communicating with them selves and it is important to keep the old person separate from the new person in the minds of the reader. With Assassin, there is none of that. Just action., planning, deception. The usual. I am hoping the the good guys are reusable for another book, I think so,

I have some character re-use. One of the last bad guys to fall victim to the bad guy, an assassin (you are not surprised about that right? That the bad guy is a killer? I mean, check out the title. Not really a spoiler) is a bad ass motor cycle dude from Vancouver, BC. He appears in the prequel to Loop Vacation, which is set in Vancouver. It introduces the reader to a younger Mark Melton.

The prequel to Loop is, for now, not titled. The Scrivener project file is DrugDeath.scriv, but I think that might change. A couple of our friends – that is a couple who are our friends, not two ransom people – asked me to base some of the characters in this story after them. I obliged (it makes character development kind of easy), they fit well. Her as a Vancouver detective, him as a biker (not the one that made it into the Assassin). As I was going through the planning, and plot definition, I got the point where I realized that the motocycle dude was going to have to be killed. And I needed to make him a really bad dude., and the so I decided to have him kill the cop. When I explained this dilemma to our couple friends, they got into a lighthearted argument over who got to kill who, It was funny.

I will let Assassin sit for a bit while I work on the prequel to Loop. Expect both out in time for Christmas.

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