First cover shot for Assassin Rebuild

It’s been a little while since I posted. I’ve been busy at work, and then on vacation. the vacation time has been great, but it’s still a little hard to get time to write. So when I do get some time, I’ve been writing chapters, rather than blogs. But a noteworthy event occurred, So I am noting it!!

Attached is the first shot for the cover of Assassin Rebuild. Eva took the shot in Pine Grove Cemetery outside of Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. The picture is, to me, very compelling and seems to somehow capture the darkness of the story, as integrates with the hope of eternal redemption. Sort of.

Also, here is a little excerpt from the story

Dennis thought for a moment. “I am pretty damn sure that Elmo’s bike has hydraulic front brakes, but mechanical rear brakes. So that means he lost his front brake. That would be bad. Sure as shit.” They continued walking West on Elder Creek Road. Along the way they found a more drops of brake fluid. On Power Inn Road, a few dozen feet south of the intersection, they found a pretty good spray of the fluid.

“That’s where it blew, I guess.”

Tom looked at the spot of wet pavement for a minute or two. “Let’s go to the hospital. There won’t be any information yet, but we gotta stop by.”

“Yeah. Then let’s go tell Benny that Elmo is down for the count. Even if survives, he’s gonna be out for a long time. Shit.”


They walked back to the Challenger. As they drove away, Tom said to Dennis, “This stinks.”

“That it does, my man.”

“No. Well, yes it does, but that is not what I meant. Something is wrong, I think.” He paused. “Or maybe I am just looking for some good old fashioned police work, so I can do something.”

Dennis thought for a moment. “No, I feel the same way. Not sure why, but my internal bullshit meter is pinging away. Something is wrong here, I think.”

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