Excerpt from Burnaby Burning

It’s been a long couple of months. Great family visits, got one more child off to college, one into hockey league, one into soccer lessons and helped one move into his first apartment. Oh yeah, and my “real job” has been crazy. But I have been writing. Here is a small excerpt from Burnaby Burning. It takes place in the back office of a greasy country bar….

Stiles slowly raised his hands, “Dude. I just got out of prison, and I don’t know who the fuck you are, or why you’re in my office holding my gun on me. That takes some balls. But if you gotta talk, then by all means talk.”

“You must be Stiles. Welcome to the outside. We have no real issue with you.” In one smooth motion Mark put the gun in his waste band. “However, some of you associates have been trying to knock off my little brother, which I take personally. However, the story gets even worse. Your little friends here have done something to, or absconded with his wife and kid. And his is why we are here.”

Ricky was watching the tough guy. He had the drop on Dougie, Tiny and Rocky. Eric was completely focused on the door, and was probably listening intently to the conversation between his brother and the members. It looked like little Ricky was being ignored. And Ricky had a knife. He took a quick quarter step his right. Nothing more than adjusting where he was standing, really.

The book itself should be complete its first writing by the middle of the month – only three chapters to go.  it should be on sale by the end of the year. Maybe. time is just flying by., and Assassin Rebuild is ready for a second writing.  so we will see,

anywya, enjiy.



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