Proof sale

Sale of Two Four Proofs of Burnaby Burning

Latest: One Perfect proof remaining.

Latest: I added the last two perfect proofs to this sale. These are the finalized, approved proofs.

My latest book, Burnaby Burning, is going on sale on December 1. Proceeds from sales in December and January are going to charity. See my blog entry for details. There were three late minor changes – one spelling correction on the back cover, a shifting of the title text on the front cover to center the text and show the tail of a lower case ‘g’, and four words added to the story to explain… well, I won’t give that away.

Anyway, I have two one proofs of this book that, except for these minor changes, are perfect. Normally,  I would toss these in the bin. But in the spirit of the charity event, I would like to sell these, and I will donate all of the money to the charity.

If you are interested, please contact me directly. I would like to get $8.00 each but will obvously accept more.- and that don’t include shipping!! I will even sign them, if you think that would sweeten the deal.

Chapter one has been released in advance and can be downloaded here.

Again, 100% of what I get for these two proofs will go to the Portland Jr Hawks for the Squirt White team.


Gord –

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