Thanks Air Canada

Air Canada deserves a shout out.  Yesterday, I f*cked up and put my US immigration documents in my checked baggage.  Totally my fault. Going through customers at Vancouver International, I realized my green card was not where it should have been. I searched everywhere, suspecting I had dropped it in the airport.

At some point I realized i was going to miss my flight, even if I found it right then. So I asked Air Canada to pull my bags from the plane – which was by then waiting for me. Air Canada got them back to me, I found my Green Card.

So I went back to ticketing and asked about the next flight to Portland, Or. The ticket agent only charged me a change fee for my ticket. I was really expecting to have to pay the fare you pay when you want a one ticket that is leaving in two hours. But they gave me credit for the flight I had missed, despite the fact that my seat went unused on the first flight, the plane departed late and the fault of all of this was mine alone, Air Canada was helpful, friendly and courteous.

Even the baggage handler that went after my bags came out to tell be that it was going to take a little time. He did this simply because he didn’t want me to be thinking I had been forgotten about.

So a hats off the the lovely folks at Air Canada.  Much Appreciated.


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