A review, a rewrite and a vacation!

So first off, Burnaby Burning got its first review.  I’m pretty happy.  It’s four stars.  It reads in part:

Have not read a book yet that followed a similar storyline. Once I got into the story by the end of the first chapter I couldn’t put the book down.

I think those two sentences sum up what’s important to me as an author.  A unique plot and compelling story.  That’s not to much to demand of myself is it?  Think up something novel, and write it very well.  It’s harder than it sounds.  But I appreciate the review, which can be read here:  http://www.amazon.com/Burnaby-Burning-Gordon-McFadden/dp/1480144452/  and clicking the customer review link.  This is conveniently located next to the “Buy the Great Book” button.  Just saying.

And for the record, when writing  Burnaby Burning, I followed the story structure outline by my older brother, Tony McFadden, which he details here : http://www.tonymcfadden.net/wotb/?page_id=826 . I decided to follow his guidelines to see if produced a better structure than I achieved with the writing of Loop Vacation.And I did.  The structure is much better.  And it is a better book than Loop Vacation, even though I think Loop Vacation has a better plot and could have been a better book.

And this bring me to book number three, currently titled Assassin Rebuild.  I have been tinkering with this book for three years now.  It has grown entirely organically. I wrote the antagonistic view first.  Then a friends mentioned the book would be better if there was a balancing “good guy”.  So I added a couple of detectives a year later. At first I wanted the detectives to be the good guys at the beginning of the book, a=but become the bad guys by the end of the book.  Then, about six months ago, I thought they should be reusable.  Of course the idea of writing a detective series as well received as the Prey series by Sandford is just a dream, you can’t get there if your detectives are corrupt asswipes in your first book that your readers hate.  So I made them real good guys.  With some personal parts that could be explored in later books.

And the result, as it stands right now, is a big pile of steaming, well written, disconnected yet oddly compelling crap. And maybe well written is a bit of an exaggeration. But it is compelling.

What it needs is structure.  So starting in about three minutes – I’m going to make a coffee – I am re-designing the story completely.  The bad guys are going to be bad – real fucking bad.  The good guys are going to be good but human. And I think I have much better ending.

I have a weeks vacation.  I’m supposed to be spending it with my parents what visiting from Nova Scotia.  I guess I better make them a coffee too …..

2 thoughts on “A review, a rewrite and a vacation!

  1. Love it. Thanks for the ping and good luck, sincerely, with the renovation. I had to do that with Matt’s War. Tore it down and rebuilt it, and it was a better book for it. I would have given Burnaby 5 stars, by the way, but readers would see the same last name and assumed it was a BS review. No BS.

  2. I agree with Tony, it is a five star. This is your type of genre so go with it. I am eagerly awaiting your next book. I have have of the family hooked on you books because I have told them all that they need to read them but especially Burnaby Burning. Loved the book and will be reading it again (for the fourth time) in the very near future.

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