Oh Facebook, you rascal….

For some unknown reason, Facebook has removed the FB page for my latest book, Burnaby Burning and has blocked me from posting to FB for twelve hours. This is very odd. The original notification came with an indication the account was used to bully people, which is ridiculous. I suspect, but do not know, that a recent batch of chat messages (“Are you enjoying Burnaby Burning? Are you going to write a review”) with the word Burning in it, might have set off some software alarm. But that is a guess.

What rubs me is that I have spent a couple hundred buck on FB promoting the book, and there seems to be no recourse. Except to start over again, or abandon FB all together.

I have a book signing in three weeks that I have to promote – well, I don’t have to promote it. i could sit there for three hours … – so I guess I’ll just suck it up like a, ..,a, … sucker, and start over.  Soon as I am un-banned…..



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