A review, a rewrite and a vacation!

So first off, Burnaby Burning got its first review.  I’m pretty happy.  It’s four stars.  It reads in part:

Have not read a book yet that followed a similar storyline. Once I got into the story by the end of the first chapter I couldn’t put the book down.

I think those two sentences sum up what’s important to me as an author.  A unique plot and compelling story.  That’s not to much to demand of myself is it?  Think up something novel, and write it very well.  It’s harder than it sounds.  But I appreciate the review, which can be read here:  http://www.amazon.com/Burnaby-Burning-Gordon-McFadden/dp/1480144452/  and clicking the customer review link.  This is conveniently located next to the “Buy the Great Book” button.  Just saying.

And for the record, when writing  Burnaby Burning, I followed the story structure outline by my older brother, Tony McFadden, which he details here : http://www.tonymcfadden.net/wotb/?page_id=826 . I decided to follow his guidelines to see if produced a better structure than I achieved with the writing of Loop Vacation.And I did.  The structure is much better.  And it is a better book than Loop Vacation, even though I think Loop Vacation has a better plot and could have been a better book.

And this bring me to book number three, currently titled Assassin Rebuild.  I have been tinkering with this book for three years now.  It has grown entirely organically. I wrote the antagonistic view first.  Then a friends mentioned the book would be better if there was a balancing “good guy”.  So I added a couple of detectives a year later. At first I wanted the detectives to be the good guys at the beginning of the book, a=but become the bad guys by the end of the book.  Then, about six months ago, I thought they should be reusable.  Of course the idea of writing a detective series as well received as the Prey series by Sandford is just a dream, you can’t get there if your detectives are corrupt asswipes in your first book that your readers hate.  So I made them real good guys.  With some personal parts that could be explored in later books.

And the result, as it stands right now, is a big pile of steaming, well written, disconnected yet oddly compelling crap. And maybe well written is a bit of an exaggeration. But it is compelling.

What it needs is structure.  So starting in about three minutes – I’m going to make a coffee – I am re-designing the story completely.  The bad guys are going to be bad – real fucking bad.  The good guys are going to be good but human. And I think I have much better ending.

I have a weeks vacation.  I’m supposed to be spending it with my parents what visiting from Nova Scotia.  I guess I better make them a coffee too …..

Burnaby Burning now available at Jans!!!

I am super excited that Burnaby Burning is now available at Jan.s Paperbacks in Aloha, Oregon!!  Don’t believe me? Jut check for yourself?  The store is located at  18095 SW Tualatin Valley Highway. It is featured in the Local Author;s section. Really!!  Here is a pic of it!


Go there and buy a copy, if that’s what it takes to convince yourself I am not full of crap!!

T.V. Highway and 185th!! Here is the FB link to the book store.  https://www.facebook.com/janspaperbacks



Thanks Air Canada

Air Canada deserves a shout out.  Yesterday, I f*cked up and put my US immigration documents in my checked baggage.  Totally my fault. Going through customers at Vancouver International, I realized my green card was not where it should have been. I searched everywhere, suspecting I had dropped it in the airport.

At some point I realized i was going to miss my flight, even if I found it right then. So I asked Air Canada to pull my bags from the plane – which was by then waiting for me. Air Canada got them back to me, I found my Green Card.

So I went back to ticketing and asked about the next flight to Portland, Or. The ticket agent only charged me a change fee for my ticket. I was really expecting to have to pay the fare you pay when you want a one ticket that is leaving in two hours. But they gave me credit for the flight I had missed, despite the fact that my seat went unused on the first flight, the plane departed late and the fault of all of this was mine alone, Air Canada was helpful, friendly and courteous.

Even the baggage handler that went after my bags came out to tell be that it was going to take a little time. He did this simply because he didn’t want me to be thinking I had been forgotten about.

So a hats off the the lovely folks at Air Canada.  Much Appreciated.


Burnaby Burning almost complete

I have been going over the final edits that my editor suggested for Burnaby Burning and its all looking pretty good. I have the proofs from Create Space. The book should be back online in a week or less.

I am going to put it right to KDP Select and see how that goes.

I am getting some excellent feedback on the story itself. Even people who do not read that genre of book tell me they can’t put it down!!


Holy Cats!! My book is in a real book store!!!

Burnaby Burning ( click here for the books page ), is now on the shelves of a real brick and mortar book store.  Dead Write Books in Vancouver  BC is stocking Burnaby Burning.  I am so excited!! Go there. Buy a copy.  It’s a very good read according to several readers.

Dead Write Books is located in the west end of Vancouver on West 10th.  Their web site is http://www.deadwrite.com/dw.html

Proof sale

Sale of Two Four Proofs of Burnaby Burning

Latest: One Perfect proof remaining.

Latest: I added the last two perfect proofs to this sale. These are the finalized, approved proofs.

My latest book, Burnaby Burning, is going on sale on December 1. Proceeds from sales in December and January are going to charity. See my blog entry for details. There were three late minor changes – one spelling correction on the back cover, a shifting of the title text on the front cover to center the text and show the tail of a lower case ‘g’, and four words added to the story to explain… well, I won’t give that away.

Anyway, I have two one proofs of this book that, except for these minor changes, are perfect. Normally,  I would toss these in the bin. But in the spirit of the charity event, I would like to sell these, and I will donate all of the money to the charity.

If you are interested, please contact me directly. I would like to get $8.00 each but will obvously accept more.- and that don’t include shipping!! I will even sign them, if you think that would sweeten the deal.

Chapter one has been released in advance and can be downloaded here.

Again, 100% of what I get for these two proofs will go to the Portland Jr Hawks for the Squirt White team.


Gord – gmcfadden2007@gmail.com

Recognized as an author!!!

Yesterday, I was recognized in public as an author.

No kidding!!  Me.

Here’s the exciting story.  I was shipping a package to Canada and the proprietor of the shipping store looked at me and uttered the words all new authors want to hear. “Hey, are you the author of this book you are shipping?”  I was in heaven. The fact that he had the book, with my name on it, my credit card, my driver license, the shipping manifest, the customs declaration and I was holding a sign (all of which also had my name on it) sisn;t detract from the moment at all. Now I know how Stephen King feels when he goes out in public……

I guess I need to move to a gated community and change my phone number.